The security we feel as citizens, unfortunately nowadays, is threatened by a number of threats, which are constantly increasing and are often unpredictable. Residences, public buildings, business premises and large commercial complexes, where a large number of people gather every day, now need more protection with targeted and tested options for their effectiveness. In this context, VASGLASS has developed a wide range of products, aiming primarily at the safety of human life and at the same time of private or public property.

The company produces high quality, durable glass, following advanced certified technology, as defined by international standards, with each of its products accompanied by a special certificate CE marking and DoP, in accordance with the new Construction Products Regulation no. 305/2011 / EU.

VASGLASS provides architects, decorators and builders with a complete range of products and services, for the realization of projects with a high level of safety and aesthetic value.

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