An additional characteristic of the VASGLASS laminated glazings branded as VAS-SAFE, with regard to protection and safety, is resistance to intrusion.

This is achieved with specifically formulated designs depending on the anticipated type of vandalism.

Laminated antivandal glass can fend off intrusion acts of vandalism and looting. It is manufactured in such as a way as to provide high safety standards, where necessary. If the laminated glass breaks for whatever reason, the membrane continues to act as an obstacle which is hard to penetrate, even by repetitive impact, thus ensuring that any attempted intrusion will be prolonged and loud.

Following breakage, as long as the laminated glazing is encased in a fixed frame, it remains in-position, allowing the necessary time for its replacement, avoiding exposure of the protected space in the meantime. This further protects the property against collapse of the antivandal glass system, possible looting, or exposure to the elements.

It is a VASGLASS product range of specialized laminated glasses, branded as VAS-SAFE ANTI-VANDAL, with the use of which the space security and protection needs, where glass pane is imposed or chosen because of their great advantage, transparency and of visibility, are satisfied.

The level of resistance to intrusion depends on the classification of each laminated glazing (generally, the greater the mass of the glazing and the higher the number of interlayer films, the higher the safety classification of the laminated glazing).

Classification of safety levels and the degree of compliance to the set of criteria which the laminated antivandal glass system must meet, are defined and measured under a specific methodology outlined in the applicable European standards.

For European countries, the standard for laminated vandalism-resistant glazing is EN 356. It is clear that the classification of glazing in safety and security categories according to the European standard EN 356 is independent of the composition of the laminated glass and depends exclusively on the durability performance during the required tests by a competent body.

VASGLASS, always complying with the new European safety regulations, CE-marked, according to the European standard EN 356 in all categories offers the VAS-SAFE ANTI-VANDAL laminated antivandal glass in the market.

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