Geopolitical developments have led to a dramatic increase in the demand for blast-resistant laminated glazing. VASGLASS, as a pioneer of innovative glass solutions, offers specialized laminated systems, suitable for managing the threat of bomb attacks.

Laminated glazing systems are designed to withstand explosive impacts with human physical integrity in mind. The risk of flying shards of glass is minimized with the use of specialized interlayers. In the event of an explosion, the laminated glazing remains in place, attached to the interlayers, thus minimizing the risk for human injury and further damage to the interior space from shards. The performance of an explosion proof glass panes system against an explosive blast depends on its design, the choice of frame and the details of its installation, but also on the type of glass panes it is comprised of.

Blast-resistant laminated glazing is classified according to a specific methodology provided in the European standard EN 13541, which stipulates specific levels of performance in a scale from ER1 up to ER4 and is certified by competent bodies.

VASGLASS, always complying with the new European safety regulations, CE-marked, according to the European standard EN 13541 in all categories, offers in the market the VAS-SAFE ANTI-BLAST laminated antiblast glass.

It is the duty and aim of VASGLASS to incorporate such technologically advanced products. That is, to achieve produce new, blast-resistant laminated glazing with improved performance, smaller width and weight, with the application of specially designed compositions.

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